For more than 25 years, McKinley Painting, Inc., has created distinctive, thoughtful interior and exterior work for the Bay Area community that endures and inspires. Our work is of incomparable quality, and we bring integrity, professionalism and experience to the color consultation and painting process.

Every project begins with clear and thorough communication that ensures you're comfortable and honors your ideas and opinions.

We're able to work quickly and efficiently while providing results that utterly reflect your vision for the space. Our team is trained to be detail-oriented, conscientious and highly respectful. No paint is spilled. No mud is tracked across floors and walkways. No belongings, fixtures or furniture pieces are negatively affected. And ultimately, nothing happens without your knowledge and approval.

Our work covers the broad spectrum from single-family residences to multi-unit buildings, commercial properties, Victorian/Craftsman restorations and environmentally friendly projects featuring "green" paints. But regardless of the project's scope, you'll always receive the color proficiency, personal attention and flawless execution that distinguishes McKinley Painting from its competition.

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